A new concept to create spaces

Simon Finsa Collab  Exclusive, customisable and modular design

Simon Finsa Collab  Easy placement 100% integrated into any space

Simon Finsa Collab  Solution to any architectural or lighting need

Linear Mural
Light in its minimum expression

Because good taste is in the details

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Wall Light Mural
Pure versatility.

Give the space its own character.

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Beacon Mural
Subtle lighting

Little points of light that create your path.

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Connectivity - Charging Mural
100% functionality

All the possibilities of connectivity and charging at your fingertips.

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Interface Mural
Unlimited communication

Interacting with them is in your hand.

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Blind Mural
A perfect aesthetic finish

So that they are always well unified.

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Terminal and Start Mural
Connective solutions

They allow you to adjust the finish of the installation

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Beacon Linear Mural
A discreet line of light.

Subtle light strip that enhances elegance.

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Unlimited modular design

Each space requires a different environment. These options adapt to all of them with a fully integrated all-in-one modular system that allows for combinations that best emphasise the lines and structural needs of each room.

Light-speed installation

Thanks to its Plug & Play modules, installation is quick and easy. The panels have pre-installed elements and a simple fastening system that facilitates assembly, disassembly and maintenance. They also allow you to expand the number of its components and their relocation in the future.

instalacion a la velocidad de la luz
One more piece of architecture

Light has a unique impact on the warmth, texture and atmosphere of the space. Our murals, with various finishes and configurations, offer all the versatility so that both lighting and technology can project in a different way.

una pieza arquitectonica más
Integracion Finsa & Simon

So integrated that they become part of the space

Lighting and wood are finally the same piece. The lighting components are perfectly aligned thanks to a very precise fastening and adjustment solution.


In addition, our system can be incorporated into the electrical installation and/or existing intelligent systems.

Sustainability above all

Finsa Simon

Our murals can be assembled, disassembled and relocated, reusing all their components over and over again. Additionally, they have the most demanding environmental certificates:
•    Cradle to Cradle®, analyses and verifies the healthy integration of boards in the circular economy cycle. 
•    PEFC / FSC®, seals of respectful management of wood raw material.
•    LED y OLED, applied technologies that guarantee lighting efficiency standards..
•    All Wallux panels comply with the CTE regulations and, in addition, help to achieve the WELL, BREEAM and LEED approvals.

A Finsa & Simon CoLLab project


Our connective murals are a new product co-created by Finsa and Simon, two leading family businesses in the wood and light sectors. Together, we have combined our vision and knowledge to create CoLLab, the name under which this unique and pioneering release is presented.

For the first time, we have merged two elements, lighting and wood, which when combined create an innovative system. Our connective murals incorporate all of Simon's technology in Finsa's technical wood boards.


Each panel is specifically designed to meet the different architectural and lighting needs of any project. We are talking about an industrialised, pre-installed, modular, practical and aesthetic system. The first of its kind. Its versatility makes it possible to create a unique atmosphere for each space, customising the panels with different Simon solutions and in different Finsa finishes.
The world of light and wood, finally connected


Download the BIM files

Soon the BIM files of our products will be available with all the information you need.